Sea and Sun

Etesian winds

A mild climate, thousands of islands, crystal clear water, the longest coastline in Europe, hundreds of beaches awarded with a Blue Flag, and well-equipped marinas create ideal conditions for practicing water sports that would give fabulous emotions both to amateurs and professionals!

The famous seasonal Etesian winds of 6 to 7 level blow on the islands in the Aegean sea from May to September, attracting kitesurfers and windsurfers. Numerous international sailing competitions are held here each year: the Aegean Regatta, the Cyclades Sailing Race, the Rhodes Cup, and the competition in the Saronic Gulf. Challenge yourself, trying to win over the Etesian winds, and then celebrate your victory with athletes from all over the world.


Sea Depths

For those who prefer spending their vacation on a yacht, Greece offers fully equipped marinas with a high level of service. Many of them were awarded with a Blue Flag under the relevant international program.

Diving and surfing are other kinds of sports that guarantee unforgettable adventures. You can dive into the mysterious sea waters and explore underwater caves, sunken vessels, and beautiful riffs on Crete, Santorini, and Zakynthos, or ride the waves on Rhodes, Kos, Crete, and the Cyclades. On popular islands, you’ll find numerous diving and surfing clubs where you can rent equipment and take classes from experienced instructors.


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