Greek Islands

A Cherished Dream

Something very close and loved for the Greeks, and a cherished dream for all the rest. It’s no wonder that the Greek islands have won millions of hearts all over the world – each summer day spent here is a holiday!

The synonyms of a Greek island are the smiles of local dwellers, hospitality, the gastronomic wonders of the Mediterranean cuisine, ancient civilizations, unique archeological sites, enjoying the sun, the mountains, and the sea waters. If you’d like to know Greece, generous and genuine one, go to the Greek islands and spend the weekend in the company of locals who will treat you to delicious homemade lemonade, Greek coffee, jam, and almond marzipan, and will tell you stories about their homeland handed down from generation to generation.


Unique Moments

The Greek archipelago consists of 6,000 islands and islets in the Ionic and the Aegean seas. These small oases with a long history are famous all over the world not only for their clear waters and clean beaches, but also for unique and unforgettable impressions you get from your stay there.

A romantic sunset in Oia on Santorini, painting the horizon in pink colors. The sunrise in Little Venice on Mykonos after clubbing all night. Enjoying luxury at your own villa with a view to Spinalonga on Crete. A journey to the past along the streets of the Old Town of Rhodes or Corfu. Sailing to the islands of the Saronic Gulf not far from Athens – Hydra, Spetses, Aegina, and Poros. And these are just a few reasons to visit the Greek islands!


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