Local Cuisine

The Atmosphere

The Greek summer will be best remembered for its tastes and flavors. Each city and each island here has its own recipes, and you’ll be fascinated when you try a piece of cool watermelon at a beach, open an oyster still smelling of the sea, dip homemade bread in olive oil, or have dinner at one of the famous local restaurants.

Sitting in a small tavern on the shore of a Greek island, try a glass of ouzo or wine with some grilled octopus. When you come home, try the same drink and the same dish, and you’ll see that they have an absolutely different taste. You’ll never be able to reproduce the combination of what you eat and where you eat. This is the taste that you can enjoy in Greece only. 


The Philosophy

The Greek cuisine has four secrets: good fresh ingredients, the famous Greek olive oil, the right use of herbs and spices, and simplicity. Olive oil is added to almost any Greek dish. It is used generously, is of very good quality, and is a very healthy product.

In Greece, having a meal means having a good conversation, and this is an important part of everyday life. There are many taverns, fish restaurants, grill houses, cafeterias and cafes in Greece, and the Greek word “symposium”, as old as the country itself, literally means “a feast”. The atmosphere in Greek restaurants is very relaxed and informal. However, the food is cooked according to strict rules. Good cooks are very much respected, and to be good at housekeeping in Greece means to cook well. 


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